Want to try out the new AE Armada Display Typeface before buying the entire typeface? Here's your chance. With this product, you get the core font, which the rest of the typeface (https://crmrkt.com/539kbE) is based.
When you need to win a battle on the seas, you bring out a fleet of warships, called an Armada, to overwhelm opponents.
In that spirit, AE Armada will elevate your design to take over your audience's imagination.
AE Armada adds a sleek, stylish look to your headline with a bit of flair.
Plus, each glyph has an uppercase version & lowercase alternate for ease of use.
Do you want to give your design to stand out? Do you want to strike fear in your competition? Then use AE Armada to win the day.
Enjoy this product and want the full AE Armada Typeface? You can find it here: https://crmrkt.com/539kbE
More information on the full typeface: Its 16 versions — including 8 regular & 8 italic with shadowed and inline variants in each for layering — and stylish inline options allows you to build striking copy.

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