Arquitecta. The humanist typography as a rational project.

Since the experimentation from the Bauhaus through modern sans history we looked for a new mix to construct a rational geometric typeface with humanist proportions suitable for text layout and continuous reading.

Inspired by American & European hand lettering from the first half of the past century, Arquitecta finds his own space as a great alternative for paragraphs in front of classics like Futura, Kabel or Avant Garde.
The family contains 8 upright romans and 8 italics with the following features:

- European accents, Old Style Numbers, Numerators & Fractions.

- Ink traps to avoid press impressing spots & hinting optimized.

- Small X-height with accentuated ascenders and descenders.

Designed by Daniel Hernández Sánchez y Miguel Hernández Montoya between the months of August and December of 2013.

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