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Bambusa Pro is a sturdy expressive modern calligraphy family of 4 fonts: Regular, Bold, Basic and Ornaments. It owes its name to the bamboo pen that was used to draw all of the characters and swashes. The typical ink-strokes of the bamboo pen give Bambusa Pro a distinctively different appearance than dip pen calligraphy fonts like Salt & Spices Pro. Similarities between the two are a wide variety of long swashes that connect to the first and last letter of a sentence or name. But with Bambusa Pro this even goes for accented characters, and all upper and lower case letters. Together with five different connecting spaces you can create phrases that look as if the pen was never lifted from the paper. Like Stylist Pro all characters of Bambusa Pro connect to each other, both lower case and upper case letters and vice versa. Bambusa Pro Basic also is hand-lettered with a bamboo pen, but is a lot more straight forward. It combines beautifully with the connected styles Regular and Bold. On top of that Bambusa Pro Ornaments offers 100+ glyphs for additional designs possibilities. Enjoy!
You will need an opentype savvy application to get the most out of Bambusa Pro.

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