Closer Moody Lightroom Preset Collection

50 Moody Fine Art Wedding & Portraiture Closer Lightroom Preset Collection
This is the ultimate Moody Film Inspired Wedding and Modern Portraiture Collection. Do you love that moody Instagram Wedding & Portrait Look? Deep greens, rich skin colors, soft fades and muted tones? This package offers moody toned wedding and portraiture presets. You can create your own signature style of photo editing with these presets & the adjustment presets assure you will be able to use these on a wide variety of images. These can also be used on styled shoots, fashion photography, blog images, and most indoor/outdoor shoots.

This Collection for Lightroom is $60.00 that is a little over $1.00 per preset when you purchase the bundle. Individual Presets are sold at $12.00.
You are also invited to join as the Photographers helper Preset Community Facebook group to share your images, ask for help, and receive coupon codes! There is an download document containing the link to join!

Our approach to wedding/portrait photography is Fine Art Photography: Fine Art Photography isn't just a catchy phrase; it's a modern approach in which design is paramount. Fine Art images are more graphic and stylized than traditional wedding photojournalism, as if they were pulled from the pages of a glossy wedding or lifestyle magazine.

Instant download included for:

Lightroom CS4-CS6 and Creative Cloud Version
This is our Entire Collection of Fine Art Moody Presets(50) and a 15 Preset Tool Kit for Lightroom.
*To achieve the best possible in camera starting point for this style of portraiture I stop down to slightly underexpose the image. Shooting in RAW is always recommended as you will have more lighting/tones to recover when you edit. Some of my most used settings to achieve the Moody look:
1/4000 sec, f/4.5, ISO 200 1/250 sec, f/2.8, ISO 200 1/6400 sec, f/4.5, ISO 200 1/2000 sec, f/2.0, ISO 100 1/640 sec, f/3.2, ISO 100 1/3200 sec, f/1.4, ISO 500
*But depending on the lighting setting you are in this could change. If you are shooting in automatic mode the portrait mode, or aperture priority mode will work well too. If you have questions about camera setting to achieve this look feel free to send us a direct message we are always happy to help no matter what level of photography you are at. We don't want to just sell you presets to change the tone and look of your work, we want to help you achieve your own signature look and help you achieve better photographs.
These Presets will create a moody deep rich toned photo edits that range from dark and moody to soft and faded. This is compatible with Lightroom CS4-6 & Creative Cloud Version


This set includes 50 Presets for Lightroom
Compatible with PC and Mac
Installation & Instructions Included
International Orders Accepted
Instant Download
Tool Kit for Lightroom with 15 Tool Presets to help you correct issues after apply the tonal presets. Used as finishers


10 Best Mood Presets for Lightroom:
These presets are named 1-10. The "Best Mood" Presets have soft highlights, rich blacks, deep color shifts, and rich greens. These will produce very moody, rich, clear images.
5 Black & White Mood Presets for Lightroom:
These are named 1-5. The "Black & White Mood" Presets are soft, rich, deep and faded black and white edits. These will produce Fine Art Black & White images.
10 Deep Mood Presets for Lightroom:
These are named 1-10. The "Deep Mood" Presets offer a very deep overall toning, rich contrast, vibrant hues, enhanced highlights and toned whites. These will produce deep moody images.
10 Faded Mood Presets for Lightroom:
These are named 1-10. The "Faded Mood" Presets are characterized by soft subtle warmth, mild fades, and vintage film hues. These will produce trendy faded images.
10 Muted Mood Presets for Lightroom:
These are name Muted Mood 1-10. The "Muted Mood" Presets have muted desaturated tones, soft hues, mild vibrancy, and velvety blacks. These will produce a soft moody almost matte like image.
5 Warm Mood Presets for Lightroom:
These are named Warm Mood 1-10. The "Warm Mood" Presets are have a deep rich warming overall tone, rich contrast, film inspired hues, and soft blacks. These will produce a deep warm moody image.
If you have any questions regarding this product, or any inquiries on installation/download please send us a direct message. We are always here to help our customers in a kind, genuine manner, no question is a stupid question. Not everyone is at the same level in photography and in editing, which is why we created our products and made them available for everyone to achieve professional editing results. We enjoy helping, creating, and learning ourselves.
These presets may have to slightly adjusted to suit your specific image. You may need to adjust your white balance to achieve your desired look. *Due to the nature of digital products, we do not offer refunds or exchanges.

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