One of my favorite trends lately is abstract collages with big sections of paint, paper or pattern in gorgeous, modern colors. This new set not only includes some of those beautiful collages, but also gives you a set of tools to create your own coordinating images!

These lovely backgrounds are perfect for web images, branding, packaging, and print or poster design. The modern color palette is great for a variety of projects, but these vector graphics are also easy to change color and arrangement to fit your project's needs.
In addition to 8 backgrounds with artistic collages, this set also includes 5 basic textured patterns (terrazzo, gold marble veins, pyrite, tissue paper, and splatter). It also includes 10 graphic styles, which make creating your own work in this style a breeze! These graphic styles include several different papers (tissue paper, torn paper), rocky textures (pyrite/gold, gold marble, and terrazzo), and other graphics (thin gold outline, gold gradient) making it super easy to create your own custom artwork.
TL;DR This set includes
8 backgrounds (AI and JPG, 3600x3600 px). +4 bonus JPG images with a little extra space for your text!

5 basic seamless vector patterns (AI, JPG, PNG, 3600x3600 px)
10 graphic styles (AI)
The fonts I used in the preview images are Handwriting (available here on CM) and Oriya. I had a blast creating these patterns and the preview images as well! I hope you enjoy these, and please message me with any questions!
How do I use the graphic styles? Create or open a document. In the Graphic Styles panel, click the "Graphic Styles Libraries Menu" button (bottom left), and click "Other Library." Navigate to the "Abstract Collage -" file you downloaded and click OK. Select an object in your document and then click on one of the graphic styles to apply it.
How do I change the colors of the basic patterns (pattern swatches)?

 In Illustrator, to change the color of a pattern swatch, double click on the pattern swatch in your document's Swatches panel. This will open up Pattern Editing Mode, and you can select shapes and change their color or arrangement.

How do I change the size of the basic patterns (pattern swatches)? 

In Illustrator, to change the size of a pattern, select (or create) a shape filled with a pattern. Choose ObjectTransformScale. Uncheck 'Transform Objects' and check 'Transform Patterns.' Input your chosen percentage into the box, and click OK.

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