Bank Typeface. A striking modern display font in two styles, (designed to be layered).
Bank (now called BankNue) is a modern, all caps display font. Specifically developed for contemporary design styles and applications, it is supplied in two styles; lined and sectioned. These styles have been carefully designed to layer on top of each other, creating an alternate third style. This can be further expanded by duplicating the sectioned style and moving/offsetting it, creating a look reminiscent of offset printing or 3d anaglyphs. This feature allows you to set different colors, opacity and blending mode settings, providing a huge range of possible outcomes.
Although it can be used at smaller sizes, it has been designed primarily for use at larger scales. Perfect for branding projects, striking posters and as a unique display font for web or app development, you can make a statement with Bank.
12 Geometric shape backgrounds are included. Designed to compliment the angles in the Bank typeface, these shapes are perfect for using as masks, image overlays or solid color background fills. They are supplied in Photoshop shape format and Illustrator (CC and CS5) vector format.
Key features
Meticulously designed
All uppercase display
Comes in 2 styles, Lined and Sectioned
Layering the weights creates a 3rd style
Allows for a vast range visual styles
OTF and WOFF formats included
Webfont kit included (created via fontsquirrel)
Licensed for Personal or Commercial use (OFL)
12 Geometric patterns included (In Illustrator vector and Photoshop shape format)
As ever, drop me a message if you have any questions. :]#

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