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Here's an Elegantly Simple Way of Giving Your Work Halftones with 87 Ruggedly Built Halftone Brushes

Over 70 of the best halftone pattern brushes for Illustrator. Perfect for adding majestic looking dot textures to your work fast.
Here's all the good stuff you'll get in this pack:
80+ halftone brushes and swatches for Illustrator give you perfect halftone patterns in your illustrations.

Halftones are broken down by percentage (10-90%) for exact control.
Includes standard halftone brushes, tapered halftone brushes, gradient halftone brushes, and edge brushes for crazy accuracy.

Each brush comes in three widths for maximum versatility.
Includes easy-to-follow instructions and quick cheat sheet PDF.
Works great with your favorite tools (mouse, iPad Pro, and Wacom tablet.
Compatible with Adobe Illustrator CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, and CC.
Add Halftones to Your Work. Stay in the Zone.

Halftones look awesome in your work. But they're a pain to make and hard to control.
We made The Black Magic Halftone Brush Kit to make it fun, easy, and effortless to add any type of halftones to your work in Illustrator.
We spent over 160 hours making these brushes (and you can tell when you use them).
Honestly, it was a long difficult process of building, testing and revising to make sure they work perfectly.

But the end result feels like pure magic.
Best of all, they let you stay in a productive flow state without being disrupted struggling with halftone textures.
Buy The Black Magic Halftone Brush Kit now and start adding great looking halftones to your work fast!

Compatible with CS4, CS5.5, CS6, and CC.
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