Axure meets the modern web, finally! 17 mobile screens for your next ecommerce project, beautifully designed, and delightfully interactive.

Download Includes
Axure Templates (.rplib file)
Background Images
Quick Start Guide
Templates Include
Home Page
Best Sellers
New Arrivals
Hot Sale
Category Overview
Category Detail
Product Page
Menu Navigation
Welcome Screen
Sign In
Sign Up
Get Started
Account / Profile
Shopping Bag
Shipping Info
Payment Info
Confirmation Page
Interactive Components
Icons with Microinteractions
Tab Navigation
Menu with Sub Items
Image Carousel
Functional Forms
Link Text
Radio Buttons
Interactive iPhone Mockup

Things You'll Love About This UI Kit

Everything is vector. Hamburger menu icon, shopping bag icon, even the battery icon in the status bar was created in Axure for fast and easy customization.
Stylish design
Incredibly interactive - input labels change color on input focus, icons behave like Material Design buttons with micro interactions, buttons include active states
Made with Google fonts - easily share work on AxShare without worrying about font issues.

Organized elements are well labeled, and intuitively grouped. Free updates for life. You will get an email notification anytime this kit is updated.
More great Axure tools

Font Awesome
For use only with Axure 8.

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