CA Geheimagent* is perfect for setting text about restrictions, or permissions if you prefer. Not quite a text font, not quite a headline font, it’s a bit of both. The Italic versions break up the strictness of the regular fonts. They are fast and forward and make a perfect mix with the severe upright uppercases.
Look at the PDF to see the nice little differences between regular and italic, it’s not just the angle!
Try to render the font and trash it up a bit. Cut it, paste it, it will survive. Because it has already seen everything since it’s origin as a prohibition sign in an industrial harbor.
CA Geheimagent comes with 4 styles: Regular, italic, Bold, Bold Italic and features a Central European character set plus Turkish and Russian currency signs.
“Geheimagent” is a German word for secret agent; a spy; a covert agent engaged in espionage.

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