Do you ever create a design then spend twice as long trying to get the colours right? Do your colour schemes not quite pop as much as you would like them? Maybe you just want to save time and have colour combinations of all types ready to go? If yes, then this is the product for you!

I have been collecting colours for years from photographs, signage and magazines and have compiled my favourite combinations from my personal colour library into this product.
Colour Scheme Creator makes colouring your artwork a quick and easy process with beautiful results. Just install the ASE file on any Adobe software and have 54 combinations to choose from with over 300 swatches. 

These are in easy to use folders labeled with the scheme type. 
You also get an .EPS file and PNG files if you would rather use the eye dropper tool to select colours.
Ase, Png & Eps files
One click to install in swatches for illustrator - photoshop - indesign
save time and money by having colour schemes for all types of design ready to go
Comes with instruction file
Any Questions? Just Ask

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