Conference, as it’s name suggests, was created from the start to be the easiest, quickest and most robust conference WordPress theme available.
We studied and reviewed hundreds of conference sites across the web before planning the features of the theme and plugins to ensure we covered all functions and abilities. We found current solutions to either be overly complicated, not enough complexity, poor design, constricting or just plain hard to use.
We designed our conference theme and free plugins to be simple to use, intuitive and powerful, and most importantly results orientated. We then took this powerful functionality and wrapped it in a gorgeous, customizable wrapper that looks and works amazing on all screen sizes.
Conference WordPress theme will help you get your site up and running in minutes, provide an excellent user and admin experience, and help convert visitors in to attendees!
Demo -
Speakers are what a lot of people attend conferences for. As a conference organizer, one of your main objectives is to create a killer line-up of speakers. Our Conference theme provides you with an easy but powerful tool to showcase these speakers and help to shine the spotlight on them effortlessly via our free plugin.
Add an unlimited number of speakers
Add photo, title, company, position, social links, company website link and bio for each speaker
Automatic speaker index page creation - create a page, choose the template and click publish
Single speaker page displays full information and all of their sessions automatically
Easily add speakers to sessions in your conference
Speakers automatically appear on session pages and full schedule listings
Speaker widget available for drag and drop placement with options for displaying information
Sessions make up your full conference schedule and it’s what attendees need to see and understand. We spent a long time planning and researching the best way for admins and visitors to see this important information. We created a free dedicated plugin to achieve this.
Add an unlimited number of sessions spanning unlimited days
Sessions can be categorized for easier management and display on the front end - group and display your sessions by category for attendees
Add session name, date, start and end time, location, choose speakers and categorize
Automatic sessions index page (full schedule) creation - create a page, choose the template and click publish
Full schedule page lists each day of sessions individually, displays title, time, date, location, full speaker list, excerpt, and read more
Single session pages display all information and each speaker can be clicked to view their profile and other sessions they may be speaking at
Highlight particular session for any reason - such as ‘Lunch’ or ‘Keynote’ to bring further attention when scanning the full schedule
Session widget available for drag and drop placement with options for displaying information
Sponsors are a primary way of attempting to cover the cost of running a conference without selling a single ticket. We allow you to showcase them prominently, wherever you wish in your theme via our free dedicated plugin that the theme is fully styled for.
Create unlimited sponsor levels - for example platinum, gold, silver etc.
Create full profiles for each sponsor including Company name, logo, website + url plus bio
Assign sponsors to levels easily
List your sponsors anywhere via either a shortcode or drag and drop widget with options for displaying via sponsorship level and if you wish to display logo, name, link and bio plus sorting order
When we first started to plan out the conference theme we looked at various plugins, add-ons, services etc that were available. Many conference themes out there will force you in to using a specific service. There’s no need for this at all. We leave the freedom of purchasing tickets to you, the organizer, to decide. All ticketing services allow embeds in WordPress pages, we even show you an example of Eventbrite (one of the largest services) in the theme demo registration page. All other services offer the same. Make the choice that is best for you and your conference.
Fully tested in WordPress 4.2
Bloat-Free Theme
Customize all your colors and theme options via the live WordPress customizer
Easily set your own background images for every section of the home page
Featured images on page templates appear as the top banner automatically
HTML5 and CSS3 construction (heavily commented)
XML Preview Data file included for import
Import file for widgets and all their settings and content
Extensive live help documentation
Translation ready with mo/po files supplied
WPML ready
Fully Responsive Design
SEO Best Practice Coding
Fully working sponsorship form with validation via the free Contact Form 7 plugin
Lightbox for linked images
Multiple registered widgets for footer and right sidebar pages
Paginated Comments
Paginated Posts for long articles
Responsive videos, buttons, icon buttons, google maps, toggles, tabs and more via our free short codes plugin
Multi-Track WordPress powered Audio player (self hosted)
Multi-Track WordPress powered Video player (self hosted)
Youtube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Twitter etc. embeds supported
BONUS FREE 13 Layered PSD Files
Support proudly supplied for installation issues / but not for customization (available at cost)
Dedicated Home Page
Automatic Site Map Page
Dedicated 404 Error Page
Dedicated Search Page
Dedicated Full Schedule Page
Dedicated Session Single Page
Dedicated Speaker Index Page
Dedicated Speaker Single Page
Blog Index / Category / Archive Page / Author Page
Blog Single Page
Full Width and Right Sidebar Pages
Update on 07/07/15 - v1.1.7 - Updated style.css (version # only), template-cr3ativconference.php, single-cr3ativconference.php, single-cr3ativspeaker.php and taxonomy-cr3ativconfcategory.php to incorporate new fields from Cr3ativ Conference plugin update on 7/7/15.
Update on 05/19/15 - v1.1.6 - Updated style.css, header.php and header-home.php to correct issue with timer widget with the days span 3 digits.
Update on 04/08/15 - v1.1.5 - Updated style.css (version # only), single-cr3ativconference.php, single-cr3ativspeaker.php, taxonomy-cr3ativconfcategory.php and template-cr3ativconference.php to correct translation on date, please note an update to the Cr3ativ Conference plugin will also be needed.
Update on 04/06/15 - v1.1.4 - Updated style.css, header.php, header-home.php and template-cr3ativspeaker.php to have company name linked to website on the speaker index page and updated style and the header files to have the text-decoration removed from the link on hover and add in the color picker change on hover.
Update on 01/15/15 - v1.1.3 - Updated style.css (version # only) and single-cr3ativspeaker.php to fix issue of a highlight session breaking the layout of the rest of the sessions for that speaker. Style.css updated only to change version #.
Update on 12/02/14 - V1.1.1 - Updated style.css (version # only) and single-cr3ativconference.php to correct date issue at the top to be the date of the session rather then the date of creation.
Update on 12/01/14 - V1.1.0 - Updated style.css (version # only), category.php, author.php, archive.php, 404.php, sitemap.php, single.php, single-cr3ativspeaker.php, single-cr3ativconference.php, search.php, page.php, page-fullwidth.php, index.php, template-cr3ativspeaker.php, template-cr3ativconference.php, taxonomy-cr3ativconfcategory.php, tag.php, template-homepage.php to correct background-position of images to be center center instead of top left. Also on single-cr3ativconference.php fixed the links for the speakers to point to the speaker single page instead of reloading the single session page.
Update on 11/18/14 - V1.0.1 - Updated single-cr3ativconference.php, taxonomy-cr3ativconfcategory.php, template-cr3ativconference.php and style.css (version # only) to correct issue with permalinks on XML export of speaker data.
Release on 10/31/14 - V1.0 - Initial Release

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