Crafter's Colorful Props 10% discount for a limited time only ($29→$26)
Colorful props created for designers, artists and crafty DIYers!
YES you can use this to showcase your designs selling on Etsy, etc, and you don't need Extended license for this purpose! However, if you are using these mock ups as stock photos or images on your end products, you will need to purchase our Extended License. Send us a message for any questions.
In this package:
• Now including all props in PNG format for Photoshop Element users!
• More than 90 Isolated & fully movable crafter's colorful props (image2 & 3), requires Photoshop CS3+ to edit Smart
1 canvas parcel tag. Add raised spot gloss to your logo via Smart Object
2 canvas tags. Add raised spot gloss to your logo via Smart Object
2 tape dispensers with editable washi tape. Change tape color or pattern via Smart Object
1 customized notebook. Emboss your logo via Smart Object. Change cover's color via Color Overlay Effect
1 customized notebook opened. Change cover's color via Color Overlay Effect. Add your notes on the page via Smart Object.
3 customized dodecahedron. Add photos, textures, different colors to each faces via Smart Object and Color Overlay Effect.
1 blue glue stick. Add your logo via Smart Object.
2 green bows or in your color (via Color Overlay Effect).
1 red bow or in your color (via Color Overlay Effect).
1 puzzle mock up. Change puzzle image via Smart Object.
1 black bow
2 black bows
1 beads calculator
1 stacked chalks
2 yellow chalks
1 green chalk
1 blue chalk
1 pink chalk
1 white chalk
1 circle template ruler
1 compass cutter
2 polka dot ribbons
2 blue glitter star tapes
1 green gel pen
1 blue gel pen
1 gold gel pen
1 red gel pen
4 googly eyes
1 stapler
1 staples
1 eraser
scattered smarties
7 smarties
1 red marker
1 green marker
2 pink garland masking tapes
5 seashells
1 white reef
1 red glue stick
2 markers flagstone red & blue
1 gold glitter gel doodle
1 red glitter gel heart
5 dried glitter gel doodles
1 red kid marker
1 light blue kid marker
3 kid markers in dark color
4 kid markers in neon color
metallic ribbons
3 pins
1 pair scallop scissors
3 stacked paint swatches
26 alphabets
1 set of oil pastels
1 xacto knife
1 Japanese pencil case
gold glitters
red glitters
• 8 BONUS high resolution backgrounds: glitter wrapping sheet, multi color glitter border, gold glitter board, grayscale paper, canvas paper, blue grid paper, old newsprint pad, sand paper
• Separate all objects and shadows
• Made from real photo, no 3D models or green screening techniques were used.
• Organized layers and folders
• Works with Photoshop CS3+
• Help file included

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