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With over five years of design and development, Desire is a pursuit of epic proportions and ready to make a statement by adding elegance and unique flair to your next design project. Cultivated by his passion of letters, Charles Borges de Oliveira has developed one of his largest typefaces to date. Featuring 644 alternate letters, 98 ligatures, 8 flourishes and 6 catchwords, Desire offers an expansive set of options to create logos, headlines and titling. It is well suited for books, editorial, packaging, advertising, branding and more. From period style and Victorian to modern and elegant, Desire is strong and stately yet elegant and decorous. A wide selection of alternate upper and lowercase forms feature delicate line flourishes creating a subtle background for additional letters to rest – the result is an intertwining and beautifully flourished design. Unique ligatures go beyond function and add eye catching flair and style. Desire is truly a designer’s dream come true! A PDF of all of the Alternates, Ligatures, Flourishes, and Catchwords is included. Just print it out and use it as a handy reference. Also a helpful description on how to use the font if your software does not support Open Type Features is included. Images above are for demonstration purposes. They are not included with the font.
Some videos showing how to access the alternates in Desire: For Adobe Illustrator users:
Using the windows Character Map:
Using PopChar for Windows and Mac:
If your software does not have access to glyphs:
PLEASE NOTE: If you are using photoshop or a program that does not allow you to access the glyphs palette then please install the multiple Desire files. If your software has access to the Glyphs palette then only install Desire Pro. Desire Pro has everything contained in one font. This is the best way to use Desire as all of the kerning is retained. Also please make sure your design software has the most current updates.
What other's are saying about Desire:
"BEAUTIFUL !!!!!! We scored a job the very first time we used the font. It paid for itself already." - Rosey
"This is an amazing font, absolutely beautiful. You can't go wrong if you purchase it. I've used it over and over again!" - Pam Shafer
"Desire" is right. I've fallen in love with a typeface." - Kevin Burk
"I bought this font elsewhere, and I have to say it is the most gorgeous one I own, and I own over 45k fonts! You will not be disappointed in this investment at all." - Linda B
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