Create Engraving Style Vintage Illustrations with This Illustrator Brushes Pack
"How in the hell did they do that?"
I've asked myself that about a billion times when looking at vintage illustrations in Illustrator.
Luckily, you don't have to worry about that anymore with the Grave Etcher.
We've created 118 realistic engraving brushes for every Illustrator situation you can dream of. Be sure to look at the brush previews to see how many diverse brushes we made.
Don't let the name Grave Etcher scare you. These brushes work for all sorts of vintage artwork styles in Illustrator.
118 Illustrator engraving brushes for every situation possible.
Works great with mouse or tablet (we used mouse and iPad Pro and had a blast).
Get tasteful engraving effects in Illustrator in a few minutes instead of frustrating hours down the rabbit hole.
Perfect for a flexible vintage engraved illustration effect on logos and other artwork that must scale.
Compatible with Adobe CC, Adobe CS6 and Adobe CS5.

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