Harrold Font Family & Vector Collections

Harrold Font Family includes 10 fonts that have different styles from each other but at the same time perfectly paired when used together create your best design with this font for any purposes suck as t-shirts, logos, poster design, magazine, mark, and others. This is essentially 10 fonts being released together instead of separately. 10 Fonts, 18 Premium Logo Templates, 22 Vector Illustrations (Animal & Vintage Cars)

Include in Pack:

Harrold One Regular TTF & OTF
Harrold One Textured TTF & OTF
Harrold One Outline TTF & OTF
Harrold One Outline Textured TTF & OTF
Harrold Two Regular TTF & OTF
Harrold Two Outline TTF & OTF
Harrold Three Regular TTF & OTF
Harrold Three Textured TTF & OTF
Harrold Four Script TTF & OTF
Harrold Five Catchword TTF & OTF
Logo Templates AI & EPS File
Animal Collection AI & EPS File
Cars Collection AI & EPS File

all the designs and contained in the poster use Harrold font family!

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