# I N S T A G R A M T E M P L A T E

Last year, I was looking for a new way to style my Instagram feed – a simple way to give it more personality. I wanted a feed in which each post was meaningful on it’s own but also part of a bigger picture. I was looking for a more fun AND efficient way to tell my brand’s story… Born was the puzzle feed.

Take a look at my Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/juniperoats/

Ever since I launched, I have been getting many requests from followers and fans, about how I create my feed. Shortly after writing a tutorial here on my blog I realized, there’s gotta be an even easier & faster way for everyone to create their own version.

This template does just that! With an easy to use step-by-step tutorial (provided in English and German) and neatly organized smart objects, this template makes turning your own Instagram account into a puzzle as easy as making tea.

# I N S I D E Y O U R D O W N L O A D:

1 Photoshop Template
3 x 9 individual posts in one neatly organized PSD file
 – 100% customizable
A grid overlay to see where the posts will get sliced

A ready to slice file
Continuous use for an infinite Instagram feed
7 FREE photos
all design elements you see in the mockup
PLUS a step-by-step video tutorial
How to swap the images using the smart objects

How to change the colors

How to output the file into the 27 individual posts with just a few clicks
PLEASE NOTE: This template requires Photoshop and the photos are included. I do recommend to use your own photo resources though as it will allow you to truly create your own brand story on Instagram.

As for the font, this template uses RAVENSARA sold here at Creative Market: https://creativemarket.com/Plustic/1363223-Ravensara-Sans-7-fonts and Montserrat, which is a FREE google font found here: https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Montserrat

# T H I S I S P E R F E C T F O R

Instagram, Social Media Managers, Bloggers, Graphic Artists, Entrepreneurs… and YOU!!!!

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