Our hearts always keep the memories about home like the most precious treasure – old photos make you smile, the well-known scent of fresh bread makes your day brighter, and the voice of mom gives you unlimited power. So, we’ve set a goal to bring you a bunch of the most beautiful emotions and complement any your artwork with an unbeatable Hometown Effects Pack, where the letterpress is implemented in every single inch.

The pack you’re about to fall in love with contains 12 text effects (which also perfectly go with shapes and other elements) and 12 vintage photo effects as a nice bonus are imbued with retro vibes and genuine coziness of your childhood. The simplicity of using them can’t help rejoicing! What’s simplicity? Change text and objects colors in a click thanks to the Smart Objects or apply the effect you favor to the shot and don’t even care about the process while the outcome is so special and vibrant. Hometown can take care of your banners, photo projects, advertisements, presentations, merch design, and what is more — do it with nostalgic sentiment.

What’s inside?
- 12 text effects
- 12 bonus vintage photo effects
- Changeable colors
- Hi-res PSD files 3000x2000 px
- Smart objects

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