This app is the ELITE version of Ion2FullApp.

 If you are one of those who always goes for the best, you should consider getting the ELITE version. It's the most complete starter app for Ionic 3 you will ever find and with beautiful designs. It includes the following features:

More screens!

[NEW] Wordpress Integration! Posts, comments, pages, categories
[NEW] Wordpress Integration! Authentication using JWT
[NEW] Firebase Integration! Firestore Database with CRUD and Filters
[NEW] Firebase Integration! Firebase Authentication with Facebook Login
Video Playlist using the JS HTML5 Angular video player
Form Validations with custom validators
International phone validator using Google lib phone number
Masked inputs for email and phone
Multi Language with RTL support
Twitter Login Native Integration
Select Images from the user's phone Gallery
Image Cropper
Monetize your app with Admob
Enable your users to quickly Rate your App in the App stores
Facebook Login Native Integration
Google Login Native Integration
Google Maps
Google Places
Social Sharing
Send Email
Image Slider
Call Number
In App Browser
Native Storage
Take whatever you need and build something new!

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