Hello fellow inky line maker!

I’ve been using and fine tuning this set of brushes for a while now. I use it for most of the lettering work I do. It is made up of 6 brushes that work for a range of different outputs and are perfect for all kinds of illustration and lettering pieces created in Procreate.
The Brushes Below is a quick summary of each brush included in the set:
Sketcher – Great for getting those initial ideas down. Lends itself perfectly to quick, bold strokes and shades nicely to boot!
The Go To – Does what it says on the tin! This is my ‘go to’ brush for most of my lettering work, has a slight texture to stop it feeling too perfect.
Broken Nib – Super scratchy and a bit erratic! So much fun to play around with at larger sizes and single stroke lettering.
Stipple – Picks up where The Go To leaves off, perfect for inking in work that needs some more texture and character to the lines.
Stipplier – Adds another level to the stipple brush. Works well at large and small scale.
Speckle – Somewhere between a pencil and an inker. This line works really nicely if you want to add some sketchier line work or texture to your drawings.
Thank you
Thanks so much for checking my brush set out. If you decide to buy them and use them please do let me know how you get on! I love to see work created using the brushes i've made!

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