NOTE: These lettering brushes are specifically for the iOS Procreate App for iPad Pro used with the Apple Pencil. 

These brushes will not work on any other application on your tablet, desktop or laptop.

This is for the entire collection of procreate app lettering brushes–all existing and future brushes. This means, you will no longer have to purchase brushes separately, ever. This download will be updated as brushes get added to the catalog.
34 Brushes as of 22 June 2018:


Tickle - A lightweight brush, with little to no weight or pressure changes
Poppy - A fun brush, rounded edges with great weight and pressure sensitivity
Tuff - A heavy brush, perfect for edgy and rough looks
Manic - A blocky brush, emulating the look of a flat brush
Jitters - A rough-edged brush, that gives a grungy handdrawn look
Clarity - A brush that mimics classic nib strokes
Dramedy - A messy brush that can evoke drama or quirkiness
Monoline - A clean brush with smooth, even and streamlined strokes
Valiant - A thick and blobby brush, with amazing pressure sensitivity
Berserk - A chalky and dusty sheer brush, with a slight shadow effect
Streamline - A neat, clean and more streamlined version of the monoline brush
Happenstance - A streamlined weighted gel pen look
Blotch - A milky and translucent brush pen with average pressure sensitivity
Marbles - A textured, streamlined brush pen
Frontera - A slick and smooth streamlined pen brush
Scratch - A rough, rugged, bold and raw pen that looks like an overused thick marker
Someday - A basic everyday use pen
Speck - A rough pressure-sensitive charcoal pencil finish
Zippyline - A textured, jittery yet streamlined pen
Nineties - A simple, messy, dry, flat brush
Strokes - A really wet brush, with a subtle shadows and translucency to create a layered look
Number Two - A simple dark lead pencil
Charcoal - A neatly messy charcoal pencil
Winchester - A paint-loaded pressure-sensitive brush
Marker - A smooth wide marker with consistent coverage
Dry - A nearly dried-out marker with a photocopy-like finish


Swash - A textured even-wash watercolor brush
Slosh - A heavy pigmented watercolor brush
Sop - A soppy translucent watercolor brush
Mop - A sloppy semi-dry mop brush

Amore - A decorative hearts brush from, using images from here:
Funfetti - A decorative confetti brush, full of sprinkly goodness
Berge - A fun take on a mountain range decorative stamp brush
Flack - A pool of dots turned into a decorative stamp brush
Want a smaller bundle? 

Download the mini lettering brush bundle here:
A different bundle? Download the second mini lettering brush bundle here:
Using a Mac? Simply unzip the file and airdrop the brushes to your iPad Pro for quick installation!
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