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You opened your shop and filled it with products that were truly a labor of love, but the photos look less than appealing and you've already edited the life out of most of them. Speaking of life, you feel like you are spending more time editing than doing what you love-spending time with family + friends, eating, making more products perhaps?

Foto Rx | Shopkeeper's Helper is here to the rescue! Are your photos feeling dull or lifeless? Maybe they have the blues or are feeling a bit off color? 
Perhaps they are suffering from less than perfect vision, or are in need of some serious light therapy? 
Our staff of PsD's, professionally trained in even the most severe cases of photo maladies have developed an ingenious way to go from 'gah' to 'aha!' in one swift click. 

With our uniquely prescribed Photoshop actions we have created what we like to dub 'a cure for the common capture'. *Please see our photo samples to get an idea of what our Photoshop actions are capable of. You may even revive your image in just 1 click: http://youtu.be/UDXAOY9VQMU

The stars of this set are our 'Paint on whiter background', we ALL know how hard it is to get that nice even bright white background, grrrr! Now it is easily obtainable! Just run our action and sweep your brush over the areas of the photo that you would like brighter and whiter (adjust strength to taste). This is your product photo editing game changer! https://youtu.be/f821tO-0gTY

Taking photos with your iPhone but want to get that creamy blur in the background that the pro's get? Not a problem, just run our 'Paint on blur/dof' action and get your blur on.

What you will receive in your download:

-A set of 43 premium Photoshop actions for one click editing goodness + complete (easy) editing control.

-Bonus set of 19 Etsy + Social media templates in an action set, just click and your new template document will be created and sized ready for your artwork!
-Our 30 page pdf which has descriptions + samples of all of the actions in umm, action!
-Links to tutorials for most commonly used Photoshop tasks to best use your actions.


*NOTE: Basic Photoshop knowledge is recommended, we have links to essential Photoshop tasks that will make it much easier for you if your basic PS knowledge needs a little boost. Photo results may vary depending on the severity of malady and quality of your original image, but we have witnessed many a miracle cure!
WHAT IS A PHOTOSHOP ACTION?: It is a one click way to automate editing tasks in Photoshop.
ARE THEY MAGIC?: No, they are not, but they certainly are magical!
COMPATIBILITY: Yes, you MUST have the full version of Photoshop installed on your computer, with your language set to English. This is NOT an app, nor is it compatible with Photoshop Elements, or Lightroom. There are 2 versions of the actions included in the download. One is for Photoshop CS5 to Photoshop CC 2017. The other is for Photoshop CC 2018. Please install the appropriate .atn file for your version of Photoshop.
REFUND POLICY: Due to the nature of this product there will be no refunds. That being said we only want satisfied (ecstatic, thrilled, evangelical) customers and want to make your Foto Rx experience life changing (or at the very least thrilling), so please email us immediately if you are not happy (we may have an action for that).

::::::::::::::::::TERMS OF USE::::::::::::::::::


Foto Rx retains all copyrights & ownership of the media and supporting materials.
Foto Rx grants the buyer a personal or professional use, non-transferable license. License is for the individual purchaser and does not extend to an entire business. Further distribution, of any kind is prohibited.
This means, no sharing the files, or selling them in any form.
 Derivative works are also prohibited. 


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