We created 600 UI Cards and 100 Pages in 7 categories to make your design process super easy and fast. Drag and drop cards, customise, replace images and texts. All cards and pages are designed in black and white color scheme in total, this is more than 1200 cards and more than 200 pages

— Black and White version (1200+ Cards, 200+ Pages)

— All Cards and pages are optimized for resizing in a Sketch 45.

— Based on Bootstrap Grid 1140 px and easily fit together. (Gutter width 30px (15px on each side of a column))

— Based on Sketch Symbols that will make your work easier. You can easily change the colors of the icons and buttons and their sizes
— Sketch, Adobe Photoshop CC
Ecommerce, 110 Cards, 17 Pages
Dashboard, 135 Cards, 20 Pages
Music and Video, 82 Cards, 27 Pages
Social, 82 Cards, 14 Pages
News and Magazine, 83 Cards, 8 Pages
Company, 73 Cards, 19 Pages
Base Elements and Style Guide, 42 Cards

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