Three easy steps to transform your image with a kaleidoscope effect.
For years I’ve been using mirrored imagery in much of my design work—from album covers, to background imagery, to social media posts. I found myself creating these effects manually in Photoshop, which is a very time-consuming process. I wanted to create a process that was quicker to use. So I developed Reflector.
How does Reflector work? Reflector is a Smart Photoshop PSD that uses smart objects to created mirrored imagery from one photo in three easy steps. Check out the walk-through here:
Open the Smart Object.

Position your image.

Save and check out your creations.
What do you get with Reflector?
Wide Format Smart PSD, 3000x1688 pixels (12 Reflector Variations)
Square Format Smart PSD, 3000x3000 pixels (12 Reflector Variations)
Reflector Video Start Guide

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