***Featured in Advanced Photoshop Magazine***
***Featured on the Adobe blog by John Nack!***
***Recommended by Russell Brown, Senior Creative Director at Adobe***

Make beautiful authentic retro 3-D letter effects with just one click. Easy to use Photoshop actions. Just load 'em, click 'em, and you're done. 

RetroLift includes:

• 5 Photoshop actions.
• RetroLift Angle Left with shadow - works with any color text (Action 1).
• RetroLift Angle Right with shadow - works with any color text (Action 2).
• RetroLift Black and White Angle Left (Action 3).
• RetroLift Black and White Angle Right (Action 4).
• RetroLift Outline (Action 5).
• WORKS WITH ANY FONT. Now all your favorite fonts can be 3-D!
• Bonus Video Tutorial! Learn how to get the exploding letter effect and vintage film look you see above!
• Instructions for loading actions.
• The ability to blow your friends minds with your newly acquired 3-D design skills.

Here's what RetroLift does NOT include:

• An exploding text action (I'll show you how to do that with in the tutorial video).
• Blurry retro film effect (I'll show you how to get this in the video tutorial as well).
• No textures (Check out my RetroSupply pack for great textures).

Want to get 4 of my most popular action sets including RetroLift? Check out this discount bundle:http://crtv.mk/hSQP

I spent a huge amount of time researching 3-D typography and created these actions to convey quality and craftsmanship.

If you like this pack it would make my day if you'd like it, comment or recommend it. : )

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