RM Flare n LIGHT™ 2.5 PRO 16 bit brush collection + Extra Clean HQ colorize solutions + outer glow action.
(Latest update: 22.05.2015)
Wellcome to our new Photoshop brush collection. We designed new technology that allows us to get most clear samples in 16 bit. This collection firstly was not designed for sale but for personal use for respectable design projects. Today it is available for you. Extra clean author's light fx collection united in one brush collection with 16 bit full scale! Just Combine every sample with others, adjust em and get every light FX you want with surprising results.
Light FX improving for photography
Creating qualitive light FX for preview stages, advert. backgrounds, bokeh & abstract images fast with stylus and dynamic FX (pressure, angle, hold time).
Using as the base for complex gradient fills.
What is inside:
Under 100 organized unique Light FX in single set (*.abr file) (The preview set is just a part) Suns, flares, stars, spotlights, wall lights, IES samples collection, and more. Also Beatiful realistic complex samples allows you to rich your scene with natural lighted fills.
Colorization presets in psd file (NEW): We prepared organized adjustment layer folders which allows you to color your light FX easy in real-time while work with brushes. This solution will color up your brush samples with vibrant natural exposure colors collected from natural color-filtered lightsources shot.
Additional content (NEW): Our authorized engine actions named RM O. Glow 2.0 allows you to add realistic extra-accurate glow haze to any your shape to make it looks like glow like neon light source. (see this our effect in action "http://youtu.be/SUHoGuSLghQ")
Very nice colorize actions set named RM Easy Light 2.0 allows you to add vibrant colorization to any Black & White and color sources to provide em with complex vivid color fade fills with easy way.
Visit Easy Light 2.0 preview link: http://www.rainbow-wings.ru/RMFlare&Light/CMELPreview.png
Features of this art pack:
First of all its not just realistic clean look for light fx, but also maximum possible comfort and intuitive hand adaptation like you feel with real qualitive tools. 16 bit samples allow you to do not worry about levels or curves adjusting. Extra low noise level (~ 2 / 30 000 units) provide you with outstanding samples clearness and quality of Pro' tool. Unique clean powerfull brilliant professional level colorize solution and our improved outer glow action make this set ready to use.
Guarantees (Why to choose our tools?): We 100% guarantee you that our tool add you additional and unique abilities which you cant get anywhere just from us.
Power up you photoshop with pro's Light FXs now - and you will say thanks for this choice again and again in different situations in a long time forward. Boost up your light tools in PS... now!

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