One click ink stamp distresser. Makes any text or object looking like it's been stamped with ink on paper. Super easy to use with only one click. Gives different results every time you use it.

This brand new super easy, super high-res Photoshop action makes anything look like it's been stamped with ink. Easy to install and use. It gives a different result every time you use it. Play around to achieve a super-realistic ink stamp looks in seconds.


Move the downloaded folder to somewhere permanent​. Open the folder with the downloaded assets.

1. First, install the PATTERN_INSTALL_FIRST.pat file.
2. Then install THE_INK_STAMP_DISTRESSER.atn file.
3. Open a document, the recommended size is around 2500x2500px, but all sizes work.
4. Navigate to the "actions" tab. Select your layer and press Press To Distress.
5. Have fun!


- Fast and easy-to-use
- One click effect
- Extremely high-res
- Works with text, logos, and most vector artwork
- Adds instant ink and stamp effect

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