Back to the 20s with the Gatsby style and the elegant geometric shapes. A modern and classy trend that never gets old.

I’m proud to introduce you The Majestic Art Deco Collection, the 2nd volume of my first art deco pack 1920.

You’ll find some patterns may be mid-way between art nouveau and art deco, but i thought they definitely had their place in the collection.
The AI library includes 60 seamless vector patterns in black and off-white. So you can easily change the colors without entering the edit pattern mode. If you want a no-fill background behind the pattern you can either remove the creamy square or turn down its opacity.

You may see sometimes twice the same pattern for some design: one is an outlined shape and the other one a filled shape. They are built a different way, you won’t obtain the same look if you just outline the solid shape. That’s the reason why there is 2 versions actually.
Except for intricate designs that are solid shapes, all patterns are made of strokes that can be modified so you can get the most out of this collection and make it completely your own!

Due to the large size of the file I had to split the collection in several folders. This archive doesn't contains all the files but the most part.
The ReadmeToDownload file contains the links to download the missing files.
Please be patient while downloading :)

So what’s included in this pack:
First it’s all SEAMLESS (AI-EPS-PNG-JPG)
AI file with 60 patterns in black/cream (CS2+ and CC version)
60 EPS patterns in black/cream (CS2+)
60 Black PNG patterns (300dpi - 3600px x 3600px - transparent background)
60 Gold PNG patterns (300dpi - 3600px x 3600px - transparent background)
60 Gold/Black JPEG (300dpi - 3600px x 3600px)
60 Gold/White JPEG (300dpi - 3600px x 3600px)
Bonus I : the seamless gold texture I used (300dpi - 3600px x 3600px)
Bonus II : the peacock design of the main preview image available as vector EPS and AI (included in the AI file with the patterns) and black PNG
Readme file.

So that’s all for now, it took me a lot of time to make this collection so i really hope you’ll enjoy this one as much as i liked making it.
Any question ? Feel free to contact :)

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