The toolkit contains 70+ step-by-step templates for applying design thinking to projects. It is split into categories for business & strategy, product management, user research, UX and UI. It helps product teams stratagize projects, understand customers and design amazing experiences.

Contained within the toolkit:

Business & Strategy

Marketing Matrix
Brand Guide
Business Goals
Competitor Analysis
Growth-Share Matrix
PEST Analysis
Purpose, Vision and Values
Smart Goals
Stakeholder Analysis
Startup Canvas
Strategy Framework
Strategy Map
SWOT Analysis

Product Management

Assumptions Grid
Effort & Reward Grid
Feature Audit
Gantt chart
Idea Prioritisation
Kanban Board
KWL Chatrt
Product Roadmap
Risk & Impact Grid
The 5 Whys
Workflow Chart

User Research & Experience

Affinity Diagram
Brainstorm & Cluster
Card Sorting
Customer Journey Map
Ethnographic Framework
Hypothesis Statement
Job Statement
Job Stories
Scenario Map
User Stories
User Story Map
Venn Diagram
Visual Story Map

UI Sketching

Mobile Landscape
Mobile Portrait
Tablet Landscape
Tablet Portrait
Watch Round
Watch Square

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