Hello fellow vintage lovers, this huge bundle is a collection of vintage assets I've made over the years. It includes tons of fonts and other graphics that are bound to be useful. Check out all the individual pages of the products included below as the preview images show only a fraction of the graphics.

Grimtotem Typeface: https://crmrkt.com/J8Aol
Robinson Typeface: https://crmrkt.com/79oNq
Ogre Typeface: https://crmrkt.com/xG8m0
Bronco Typeface: https://crmrkt.com/pgy8a
Fairwind Typeface: https://crmrkt.com/gXxo8
Badge Creator Kit: https://crmrkt.com/vONJM
Badge Creator Kit Vol.2: https://crmrkt.com/rkKgPV
34 Vintage Labels: https://crmrkt.com/RGwe5
16 Grunge Textures: https://crmrkt.com/pl4Ml
40 Crossed Objects: https://crmrkt.com/vQwbQ
60 Seamless Patterns: https://crmrkt.com/EDGEg
Hand Drawn Ornaments: https://crmrkt.com/BPMWy
12 Handmade Sunbursts: https://crmrkt.com/33QR5b
65 Vintage Logos: https://crmrkt.com/dpbvK
Paper Texture Pack: https://crmrkt.com/XXW1J
6 Retro Sale Tags: https://crmrkt.com/xEamk
32 Vintage Sale Tags: https://crmrkt.com/0kAwy

The total cost of the bundle comes down from $250 to $39. Happy creating!

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