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About ToolKit Presets:

ToolKit Lightroom presets is a collection of presets for Adobe Lightroom that helps photographers to retouch & edit their photos inside Lightroom more effectively. This pack contains several mouse-made & professionally designed presets which will save your time & improve your workflow!

ToolKit Presets is very easy to use. You can tweak the individual settings of every presets and customize the preset. This means that your creative possibilities is pretty much unending. For the money, ToolKit presets is an amazingly great value!
This collection currently contains 140+ highly optimized presets.

Adjust Exposure / Fix Over & Under Exposure
Contrast Adjustment
Adjust Saturation / Desaturate
Adjust Vibrance
Adjust White Balance
Highlight / Shadow Recovery
Increase Clarity
Make it Softer/Sharper
Color Tempareture
Advanced Sharpening
Fix Brightness/Darkness/Noise/Shadow
Skin tone/Green skin/Magenta skin
Reduce Blue/Red/Orange/Yellow Casts
Remove Chromatic Aberration
Noise Reduction
Film Grain Control
Lens Profile Correction
VSCO/B&W/Vintage/Dragan Inspired
Flat Look/Washed/Film/HDR
Light & Haze/Natural Glow/Old School/Toy Camera
Urban Matte/Cross Process/Vogue
Add Cream/Gold
Isolated Colors (Red/Green/Blue)
Lomo Cam Effect
Monochromatic (Blue/Brown/Green/Red)
Cinematic (Basic/Cross-Process)
Pastel Color/Pinhole Effect
Basic Retouch/Add Edge Blur
Add Frame (Black/White)
Post-Crop Vignette (Black/White)
Supported File Formats:
RAW format
Digital Negative format (DNG)
TIFF Format
JPEG format
Photoshop Format(PSD)
This product is compatible with adobe lightroom 3,4,5 & 6(cc) This product is not supported in Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.
Photos for the preview image are not included for download. Used only for illustration purpose only.

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