IMPORTANT: THIS PRODUCT COMPATIBLE ONLY WITH ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CC. this product isn't working with older versions of photoshop, affinity design, corral draw and other graphic software

We really love the screen posters theme, all this art stuff, illustrations, all of these small graphic details its absolutely mind-blowing. And finally we did this Creator which can help you to get amazing poster or simple graphic for your rock show, dance party, or any of your event.

So, what is it:

The First Thing - Illustration Creator

- The first thing is illustration Creator. The simple way to get awesome four color image with hand-drawned bright and shadows effect. Easy than you can imagine. Smart object mock-up based principe. Just add your image inside the smart object and get your poster illustration.*

The Second Thing is Poster Template Creator

- *And that where the magic is. A huge collection of well organized graphic elements let you incredible opportunities for your work. Decoration corner graphics, frames, artistic backgrounds, ribbons, and other decoration stuff! Stunning wide of combinations, you can create of hundreds graphic posters or any other graphic stuff, like cards, stickers, t-shirt prints.*

The Third Thing is Instagram Stories Creator

- *Of course to promote your events you need to use Instagram. With Stories Creator you can also repeat your main graphic style of event in Social Media. No matter what exactly you have - Rock Gig, Cocktail or Dance party, New presentation or Birthday Party - you'll be grateful to the creator which one make your stories a stylish*


- 3500x4667; 300 DPI. All graphic object are Smart Layers. So you easy make size twice as much (18" x 24") without loss of quality.
- 11 Pre-mades Color Modes, choose from them or create your own (Instruction included)
- All curved ribbons have pen-tool path to help you write the text correctly.
- Well organized. All files are grouped and named.
- PDF Users Guide is included.

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